<p>Backup Melbourne has you covered…….. In the age of cloud computing, the best way to do this is by backing up your data to the cloud. Cloud storage is a critical component of modern long-term security and disaster planning. “The Cloud” is essentially the Internet. When you back up your […]</p>

On-Premises + Cloud Backup as a Service


The All-in-one backup solution

Protect Data Against a Ransomware Virus, Flood, Fire, Burglary, Deletion and More

Australian Datacenter

Data never leaves Australia

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Unlimited Cloud Storage

Starting from $12.99 P/M

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Data is 100% secure

Encrypted in our Datacenter

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24-7 Support for Business

Certified Engineers

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About Us

Melbourne Backup delivers a world-class backup and recovery solution tailored to the needs of home and business customers in Melbourne and with over a decade of experience, Backup Melbourne excels at addressing the complexities inherent in securely protecting your data, both in physical and virtualized environments. CEO Graham Case is wholly committed to ensuring the highest possible levels of customer satisfaction, offering our advanced, reliable backup and recovery solution and a price-point accessible to everyone. Graham has been the focus point for many of the high street banks where he lead the teams in full scale recovery testing and has also helped many small to medium size business recover from devastating situations.

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