Cloud Backup

Yes. You can image your laptop, desktop or server and restore this to different hardware or back to the same hardware.
Yes. You can backup anything from any computer into our private cloud.
Yes. Your files are securely sent to our private cloud over the internet and can only be read by you
Yes. Our software has many features to protect your servers including restoring to a Virtual Machine in our private cloud. Speak with our team for more information.
Our backup software operates as a Windows Service. There is no need for the console to run when the computer starts and actually it doesn't have to be run at all. You only need it for configuration and restore. The service will do the entire job.
Yes, Our Backup application leverages Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Technology to backup opened files.
Our Application offers several industry standard strong encryption algorithms to protect your data. In addition you can optionally protect access to backups with a master password.
The master password helps you protect your backup files from unauthorized access. Only someone who knows the master password can start the application. Master password is optional and off by default
Yes, and you can learn more about this option and how to set custom credentials for network locations